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How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

November 19th, 2007 · 3 Comments

A Guest Post by Jim Nolan of Home Inspections by Nolan based in Orlando. He is the Florida chapter president of the National Association of Home Inspectors and one of the most skilled, knowledgeable, and respected home inspectors in SW Orlando. Thanks again Jim for your valuable input.
email: jimnolan@cfl.rr.com
phone: (407) 876-3724

I get those calls all the time. That just goes to show what happens when the general public is left up to themselves to learn about how to buy a house rather than to accept professional guidance from a Realtor. People don’t know how to buy a house – but it’s not their fault – just a lack of experience.

Think about it. How many houses does an average person buy in a lifetime? Three, maybe four? And how often? Once a decade? How would you like to go to a dentist that fills one tooth a decade? How would you like to go to a heart surgeon that does one operation a decade? You wouldn’t. So why can’t you ask a Realtor to assist you on choosing a home inspector. Ask your Realtor what questions should I ask. Truth is, you should be asking your home inspector “How much money are you going to save me”?

A good home inspector isn’t going to cost you money. A good home inspector is going to save you money.

It’s becoming normal again to see a repair clause in a contract. The good home inspector will be able to find deferred maintenance items or broken items that homeowners don’t even know exist. That will enable the buyer to invoke the repair clause of the contract. Immediately the home buyer will save the difference between the repair clause and the inspection fee. And really, it’s much more beneficial to everyone – including the seller and both Realtors – to discover any needed repairs or system failures prior to closing. No one wants an unhappy homeowner to have to make that phone call or worse yet, send that dreaded attorney letter.

How about when a water heater tends to “run out” of hot water? Often someone comes in and just raises the thermostat. That’s not a correct repair nor is it a correct diagnosis of the problem. In fact it can create a scalding danger. With an electric water heater, “running out” of hot water is an indication that likely one of the elements is not working properly. Repairs are needed.

How about Ground Fault or Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters? Sure – that electric outlet may still power the hedge trimmer but what safety features are not working properly? How much is that repair? Probably less than $100.00. But that could be a lot less than an ambulance ride and an emergency room visit – or even a funeral. Ever thought of looking for an underground water leak at the water meter? You may never know that a pipe is leaking if no water ever becomes visible at the surface – but that meter dial will be spinning and costing you money.

Those are just little things. we didn’t even get to the expensive stuff like roof repairs or replacement, A/C repairs or replacement or perhaps just a washing machine hose that is getting ready to burst – a $10.00 hose that can easily cause 20 or $30,000.00 damage.

So get a professional home inspection and then get a home warranty to cover any other unannounced mechanical failure down the road. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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  • 2 Michael // Sep 19, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    Great Post Buying a home is your largest investment a good home inspector will save you a lot of money

    What To Expect: Many New Jersey home buyers sometimes buy their home in New Jersey on impulse. Experianced home inspectors can help home buyers avoid buyers remorse by reporting on home defects and problems before the home buyer finds them after closing. As professional New Jersey Home inspectors we at Accurate Inspections, provide our New Jersey home inspection clients with the tools they need to make an educated choice regarding the quality and condition of their potential new home. We inspect for common defects and not so common ones. By hiring an experienced NJ Licensed home inspectors who has your best interest solely in mind, our clients are better able to judge the strengths and weaknesses of the home in which they are under contract to buy. We will inspect the structure, exterior, drainage, grounds, roof, plumbing, electric, heating, thermostats, ac, interior and fireplace the municipality will inspect the smoke alarms in New Jersey. We will provide New Jersey home maintenance suggestions.

    Buyers Benefits: A professional New Jersey home inspection is the best way for potential home buyers to effectively evaluate the risks of a property purchase. A major concern of NJ home buyers is being suddenly confronted with major and costly problems after they take possession of a property. A professional pre-purchase home inspection can reduce anxiety by screening for problems and itemizing them in a comprehensive report. This home inspection report may include approximations of repair costs and recommendations of useful upgrades to the property systems. The general result of a professional home inspection is that property buyers make significantly more informed purchases.

    Screening for Problems: All homes have strong and weak points, they are not always what they seem. Gain the perspective and sound information you need to make better decisions with a home inspection performed by an experienced professional home inspectors. A good home inspectors works through a very long checklist of potential concerns to identify the major and minor deficiencies in the home. A good report will clearly describe the problems and illustrate them along with the what-to and how-to of repairs.

    Provide Owners Benefits: Home owners who are planning to make improvements to their homes in order to increase its market value would be well advised to have it inspected first. A home inspectors can help prioritize home improvements and offer advice on the best ways to approach repairs. More importantly, an inspectors can help the seller identify potential or undiscovered problems before those problems become material for contract contingencies. By taking a pro-active approach one can avoid the frustrations many owners encounter when they are asked to re-negotiate their contracts because of unanticipated problem areas.

    Credentials: Like any other professional, home inspectors (even those with licenses) have varied degrees of expertise. All home inspectors should be carefully screened. Inspectors learn from experience. It takes a few thousand inspections and a more than a few complaints for a home inspectors to LEARN what it takes to satisfy clients. I spent seven years as a construction contractor prior to becoming a home inspectors in 1993. I have taught the New Jersey home inspection training class to new inspectors for a few years. I still see things I have never seen before. Would you want the biggest investment of your life inspected by a person who took a three week training class? RECENTLY PASSED LEGISLATION ALLOWS NEW JERSEY HOME INSPECTORS TO BE LICENSED WITH AS LITTLE AS THREE WEEKS OF CLASS ROOM TRAINING AND JUST ONE WEEK IN ACTUAL HOMES. LICENSING IS A MINIMUM QUALIFICATION. MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR RESUME!

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