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Lake Starke & Lake Olympia in Ocoee

December 1st, 2007 · No Comments


Lake Starke and Lake Olympia in Ocoee are some of the very few places in SW Orlando where you can find affordable properties on a ski lake. Lake Starke is a good size lake covering 203 acres and much deeper than most lakes in Central Florida. bird_feeder.jpgA marshy area connects it to Lake Olympia which is a bit smaller in size but plenty big enough for water skiing. Both lakes are also great for fishing for largemouth bass but can be difficult without a boat on colder days when the bass congregate in deep pockets of the lake. Watermelon color Ribbits and Flukes rigged Texas style fished along the edges of weed lines in 5 to 10 feet of water seems to be most productive during winter while the spawning season in Spring will congregate the bass in shallow water beds. In all seasons, the bass seem to congregate at the deeper end of a weed line where the wind has been blowing towards. At least the city provides a few docks for fishing and 2 boat ramps. There’s also a trail around Lake Starke that’s great for bird watching. I was hoping for some ospreys or hawks but ended up with these benign little guys. These photos were shot on a stroll there one morning.

Reasonably priced lakefront homes can be found in the following subdivisions: Admiral Pointe, Lake Shore Gardens, Sleep Harbor, and Lake Olympia. They can also be found on Lakeshore Drive in downtown Ocoee. Prices here currently start just below $400,000 and can go up to about $800,000. It’s way more reasonable than any other lakefront property in Central Florida and it’s a nice lake. The homes in downtown Ocoee were built in the 50’s. Lakeshore Gardens and Sleepy Harbor in the 70’s. Homes in Lake Olympia were built in the early 90’s and Admiral Pointe around 2000-2003. Anyway you slice it, if you want to live on a ski lake without paying an absolute fortune then Lake Starke and Lake Olympia are about the only options out there. There’s also Lake Olympic and Sleepy Harbor townhouses which never seem to come up for sale.

Now I do know there’s a few a other options. Lake Hickorynut, Black Lake, and John’s Lake in Winter Garden also offer some reasonable prices for lakefront homes and will be covered in a future post so stay tuned.


Take a Virtual Drive along Lake Starke on Silver Star Rd

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